M-TM003 - Trim and Moulding

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  • Item No.: M-TM003
  • Name: Trim and Moulding
  • Material: Marble

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Detailed description

This is marble Trim and moulding, border

1. measurement: normally length is 60cm, and width can be different or as per your design

2.Available Kinds of Edge:Bullnose edge,Threshold Edge,Flat edge,Demicricle edge,French edge,Ogee bullnose edge,Ogee edge,Round edge,Dupont edge etc.

3.Finishing:Polished,Flamed,Bush hammered,Sandblasted,Tumbled,Chielled etc.

4. material: can be granite, marble,travertine,limestone

5. Color:Blue,Grey,Beige,Yellow,Red,Pink,Green,Black,Coffee,Brown,White,or as per your design

4)Quantity and price : negotiable

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