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The marble tiles,marble slabs,marble mosaic tiles,marble medallions&pattern,marble borders,marble vanity,marble countertops,marble bathtubs,marble shower panel,marble sinks,marble fireplace,marble step&risers,Chinese marble,marble baluster&railing,World marble,marble pillar&column,marble trim and moulding,marble laminated products,marble table,marble gazebo,marble window and door sur,marble statue carving,marble animal carving,marble sculpture, cultured marble or cast marble in texture and most importantly, the value. Consult with marble stone specialists at Newstar Marble, we will help you to make appropriate material choices for your upcoming marble stone projects.

marble tiles

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marble slabs

Show you information with various china marble slab.All are top quality and best price about China Marble Slabs

marble mosaic tiles

Newstar Stone(China)can supply many kinds of mosaic, such as marble mosaic,Mosaic Pattern,Mosaic tiles,Moaic Pattern,Mosaci Medallion,Mosaic panels & Liner, Mosaic Inlay, granite mosaic, slate mosaic, travertine mosaic, and so on. . We accept international order no matter how much it orders, and offer our customer such service as decorate, overall technical support of maintaining etc. We can also offer a foreign trade procedure service to the port to the port trade according to customer's enquiry very conveniently

marble medallions&pattern

Newstar Stone(China)can supply the natural marble mosaic and derived products, marble sheet metal, the stone in the style of the ancients and other stone material mosaic products at the price of factory made. We accept international order no matter how much it orders, and offer our customer such service as decorate, overall technical support of maintaining etc. We can also offer a foreign trade procedure service to the port to the port trade according to customer's enquiry very conveniently

marble borders

Newstar offer different kinds of border & lines,It is available for Marble Border,Slate Border,Granite Border,Travertine Border,Sandstone Border,Limestone Border,Marble Lines,Slate Lines,Travertine Lines,Sandstone Lines,Sandstone Lines,Granite Lines.

marble vanity

Marble vanity top look beautiful in any style kitchen or bathroom.The propular size is 108"x25" 108"x25.5" 108"x26" 98"x25" 98"25.5" 98"x26" 96"x25" 96"x25.5" 96"x26" and sizes as your requirement.Bevelled edge finished, and flat polished in sink edges. Rectangle sink in the centre, left or right. The faucet holes will be drilled.

marble countertops

Marble Countertops Size: 96"x25.5"x3/4"(1 1/4")108"x25.5"x3/4"(1 1/4")96"x25"x3/4"(1 1/4")108"x25"x3/4"(1 1/4")if you need other size and products,welcome to contact us!

marble shower panel

Newstar Stone export Granite Shower Panel,Wall Panels ,shower panel,shower panel,wall tiles,China. Offers Granite Shower Panel,Wall Panels,Granite Bath Tub Surround,Granite Bath Shower Surround,Granite Bathtub Surrounds,Granite Shower Panel/Tub Surround,Wall Bath Tub Surrounds

marble bathtubs

stone bathtub, stone bathtub products, stone bathtub,natural stone bathtub,marble bathtub,natural stone bathtub, natural stone bathtub products, natural stone bathtub,snadstone bathtub,bathroom bathtub,bathtub,stone shower tray

marble sinks

Newstar stone Supply you stone basin,stone sink,stone bathroom sinks,kitchen stone sink,granite sinks,marble sink,travertine sink,onyx sink,custom stone sinks,Stone Vessel Sinks,Stone Bowls,Stone Bathroom Vanity Sink,granite Vessel sinks Stone Vessel Sink

marble step&risers

marble Stair Material covers stair step and marble stair rise.stone Stairs, China Stairs, Stairs Manufacturers, China Stairs Suppliers,stair step and stair rise,Circular Staircase Curved Stairs Glass Staircase,metal stair,stair baluster,stair,marble stairs

marble fireplace

Firelace mantel,marble fireplace mantels,wood fireplace mantels,fireplaces,stone fireplaces,natural stone fireplaces,indoor fireplace Description Fireplace mantels include flower carved marble fireplaec,statue carved marble fireplacesand large double fireplaces,etc

marble baluster&railing

Newstar natural stone Stair baluster,railing baluster,stone baluster,marble baluster,balustrade,railing,stair railing ,balcony railing,stair rail,garden fence

marble pillar&column

roman pillar,marble pillar,stone pillar,granite pillar,rom pillar,carved pillar,engraved roman column ,Stone column,roman column,wooden column,sandtone column,rome column,stair column,pillar,stone pillar,baluster

marble trim and moulding

Newstar offer trims and molding, Materials are golden yellow marble,crema marifl marble, white marble, green marble, dark emperador etc

marble laminated products

Newstar offer different kinds of marble laminated tile,it is available for Marble Laminated Ceramic, Marble Laminated Granite, Marble Laminated Aluminum, Marble Honey Comb, Marble Laminated Timber.

marble table

Offer kinds of Dining table,coffee table,tea table,leisure table,glass coffee table,garden table,metal table,furniture,home furniture,chair,desk ,garden furniture,office desk,dining chair,dining room set,metal furniture,garden bench,outdoor bench,park bench,leisure bench,stone bench,bath bench,granite bench,waiting chair,lounge chair,seating chair,airpot chair

marble gazebo

Offer kinds of garden gazebo,marble gazebo,gazebo,marble pavilion,pavilion,outdoor gazebo,granite gazebo,garden marble gazebo,garden furniture,garden gazebo,station son,stone carving ,statue gazebo,stone sculpture,marble sculpture,carved gazebo,statue stone gazebo,outdoor decor,garden decoration

marble window and door surround

stone sculpture door,stone carving door,door around craft,gate,door surround,marble door,entrance door,window surrounding ,sandstone window surround,granite window surround,marble window surround

marble statue carving

Offer kinds of Stone carving,statue sculpture,carved statue,marble carving,angel carving,stone statue,granit robot,resin statue,sculpture,carving,metal sculpture,craft,handcraft sculpture,golden crafts,bronze sculpture,marble statue

marble animal carving

Offer kinds of Animal sculpture,stone carving,granite sculpture,marble animal,carving of animal,marble lion,stone animal ,marble animal sculpture,lion carving,marble sculpture,lion sculpture,carving stone,animal statue,stone horse,sculpture,carving,garden animal decoration,animal stone sculpture,small animal,elephant carving

marble sculpture

Offer kinds of Garden horse sculpture,garden sculpture,limestone carving sculpture,sculpture,Landscaping stone,stone carving,fountain,garden stone,granite sculpture,garden carving,lantern,pot,flowerport