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Whar is marble
Marble is a type of metamorphic rock which is characterized by swirls of color from impurities and the ability to take a very high polish. This stone has been used for thousands of years in art and architecture, and it continues to be very popular today in applications ranging from garden paving stones to mantles. High quality marble is typically very costly, and many people associate marble with luxurious design as a result.

Newtsar Marble
China Newstar is a professional chinese manufacturer and exporter of all kinds if marble products.we are not only able to supply  marble of china arigin,but also able to supply marble from all over the world,sush as Spin,Italy,turkey,Portugal,Egypt and so on.
Our marble products include the followings:
(1)Interior:flooring tiles,walling tiles,vanity tops,countertops,mosaic tiles,inlay,patterns,laminated products,tub surrounds,sink and bathtub,fireplace,stairs,window
frames,pillar and column,baluster and railing,trim and moulding
(2)Exterior:borders,window frames,window sill,door frames,garden stone.
(3)Semi-finished products: cut-to-size,random slabs,and small half slabs.
(4)Stone sculpture:statue carving,animal carving,fountains,tables and benches,stone gazebo,relievo,craftwork.

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