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The Analysis on the Market Demand of American Marble

From: Date:5/8/2017

The domestic stone market on USA is currently largest stone consumer market in the world, accounting for about 20% of the world's stone consumption market. To meet Its domestic stone market demand, 80% of the domestic demand for stone are imported by foreign countries. In general, the Americans are fond of bright colored stone, especially in some marble in the more bright colors.

Sheet metal is mainly dominated on the USA marble market, mainly tiles for engineering project is the main stream demand, but on the USA interior market, the demand for marble sheet is also very large. USA home decoration market demand for fireplace is almost accounted for 30% of the global fireplace market share, which is mainly a marble fireplace, followed by granite fireplaces. The marble fireplace demand is almost twice the amount of granite. The USA home decoration market demand for stone countertop is also very large. In the United States you can see the natural stone to do the countertops everywhere, such as kitchen countertops, hand-washing table, operating table, table, Countertops, desks, window sill, counters and so on, not limited to bathroom, living room, etc.  And there are many people to use marble in the kitchen for backsplash, wall and floor.

On USA stone consumption market, the main marble complex products also include: fountains, steps, sculpture, pillars, tombstones, lines, terraces (pavilions), but marble vases and railings will be less. As with granite products, the customization of the US marble market is common, with the main custom products including countertops, fireplaces, baths / showers, stone furniture (tables and chairs) and so on. But it is strange that the wash basins are very few to  do as customized, customers is always directly buy models designed by manufacturers.