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Seamless processing technology of natural stone

From: Date:5/4/2017

Natural stone is widely used as paving materials, its noble, elegant and bright decorative effect is loved by the people. The maintenance system of the stone has the process of waxing, crystal surface treatment and so on to keep the effect durable. But the adjacent joint stone has not treated well, because the seam paving stone stone or stone itself exists uneven seam cutting stone, after a period of time, the joint will appear irreversible pollution, on the one hand can cause joint black, on the other hand stains penetrate into the pores of stone leading to stone disease and damage to the overall beauty of the stone.

Seamless stone processing is to fill the gap in the laying of the adjacent slab with the color of the stone and the special agent, and then use professional equipment and technology to do polishing treatment. In this way, after the treatment, the slate will be large and beautiful.

Stone seamless construction process generally has the following steps:

1, Clean the gap between the original stone filling, and then use the slot machine dedicated to the original stone installation, cut down the slot width of the difference to the minimum between the stone and stone, and then use glue close to the marble color to fill.

2, Transfer the marble glue to fill, because there will be a certain degree of shrinkage of marble glue completely solidified, so should be slightly higher than the level of stone marble glue, so as not to repeatedly fill.

3, The use of grinding and polishing film and polishing filler, so as to become a horizontal surface with the stone, to increase the overall sense of stone, and to solve the gap between high and low problems, to prevent the black hole again. The granite cutting machine is matched with the special cutting hole grinding piece to carefully polish the cutting position, and make the stone with the stone material to be a whole plane.

4,Polishing: granite polishing machine dedicated, stone tablets from the mill No. 50-3000 from coarse to fine grinding stone on the ground, smooth and bright as new.

5, crystallization: the stone crystallization and crystallization agent with powder crystal surface grinding machine polishing, grinding stone powder and crystallization under pressure to produce physical and chemical reaction under high temperature, crystals to form a compact protective layer, hard. After crystallization can enhance the color and brightness, but also to achieve anti slip, waterproof, anti oil, etc..

With this process, the gap will have good brightness and color, the stone is very close, the overall feeling is very strong, but because of the marble glue stain resistance, water resistance, oxidation resistance, no longer produce black seam.