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The Mosaic background wall

From: Date:4/21/2017

Stone mosaic become used as background wall was in the medium-term. It has a wide range of color. As the backdrop its advantages are: the cost of the price is relatively cheap; radioactive small (even less than glass, tiles and so on); the use of safety, its material characteristics make it easy to process.

Stone mosaic backdrop is made of natural stone and through a special process, itself does not add any chemical dyes. Stone mosaic background wall has retain the ancient color of the natural stone,  this natural marble mosaic make people feel in the plain color and excellent natural texture of the space, it make people feel to forget the reality Flashy and hustle and bustle,  in this vague space of time to appreciate the real and simple.

Due to the small size,stone mosaic can be made some puzzles, resulting in gradient effect. Stone mosaic is mainly used for wall and floor decoration. As the mosaic of its single unit area is small, it has a wide range of colors, with an endless combination of ways, it can show the design inspiration for the most vividly, to show its unique artistic charm and personality temperament. It has been widely used in hotels, bars, stations, swimming pools, entertainment venues, home walls and art parquet and so on.

The nature characteristics of Stone mosaic

First, the cost is cheaper than other natural stone

Second,  radioactivity is very low,even lower than glass and tiles, it is safe to use it.

Third, its material characteristics make it easy to process.

Among the stone mosaic: the series with beige and white color of marble hardness is low,and easy to cut. Due to the metal elements, blue,and green color series marble have a higher hardness,and they are expensive,because they are rare. As to the white marble, rosin yellow, hibiscus red, they are made of large flowers and other varieties of material are not dense,during cutting,they are fragile, make a large waste of raw material.

2.Look at the glaze, you can feel the anti-skid; and then see the thickness, hickness determines the density, if the hickness is high, than the water absorpt rate will be low, last but no least,you should pay attention to the texture,if there have glaze layer inside, than the mosaic is with goog quality.

3.It is important to test the water absorption,drop the water on the back of the mosaic to check it.