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Marble¡ªThe Model Of Post-Minimalism

From: Date:3/23/2017

All kinds of carbonate rocks and compound silicate carbonate rocks used for finishing are called marble. Marble surface can be processed, such as polished, honed, acid¨Cwashed, sandblasted, bush hammered, mushroom, grooved, machine-pulled and so on. Marble is easy to machining and polishing, you can find the marble characteristics: fine texture, changeful pattern, gorgeous color, high compressive strength, good physical and chemical properties. But the hardness and wear-resistance is not matched against granite.


Marble stone is divided into natural marble and artificial marble. There is more 400 kinds of natural marble types in China, more expensive with white marble produced in Beijing, price about 500~700 RMB/square meter. The high price items are used in luxury decoration as ornamental materials to show riches. Usually artificial marble is selected to use by we ordinary people because of the lower price about 150 RMB/square meter. Among imported marbles, the best model is produced in Italy, and the price is much cheaper. The model of post minimalism is loved to match white marble floor and wall tile with white furniture. If you want to make pure and fresh bathroom, grey marble is a good choice to pave, you don¡¯t need to do many decoration design work.


Marble stone is widely used as wall tile and floor tile in villa, condos, multifamily and so on. The marble itself is to heavy too use in very large area, when to do finishing, the question about the   weight capacity of wall and floor should be taken into account. When used in small place like TV setting wall, marble stone can avoid noisy pollution.  No matter what significance white marble was given, pure texture is not changed from beginning to end.


As we all know, there is three kinds of stone material standards to distinguish, please pay attention when purchasing marble. Class A means that the marble radioactive is relatively small, and the use range is not restricted. Class B is suitable to use in any places, except bedroom. Class C is only used in the outside decoration. Anyway, the radioactive of dark marble is always high.  The different color materials have different radioactive, according to the test. The highest is red and green materials, the lowest is white and black.


When go to choose and buy, please pay attention as follow.

1. thickness is uniform and four corners and edges is tidy, the each orthogonal is 90 degree.

2. Texture is uniform, no impurity, and different color is same. Color should be pure, the surface doesn¡¯t have a similar plastic feeling when touch, opposite plank is no small pores.

3. When smell, there should be no chemical smell.

4.When touch, the surface is smooth, no obvious uneven.

5.When scrape surface with fingernails, no obvious scratches.

6.The same two pieces of samples knock on each other, not easily broken.

7.Check product if have ISO quality system certification, quality inspection report, any product warranty card and relevant anti-fake mark.