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The Way To Deal With Marble Cracking

From: Date:3/17/2017

Marble as the most common home decoration materials, is not strange to us. But how much do you know about it? For natural stone, Cracking is a normal phenomenon. There are some natural defects in marble stone, such as cracks, trachoma, loose, folder and so on. If these defects do not have a good repair and make up in advance, once impacted by the damp and some harmful pollution, it will take the lead in cracking at the defective parts and thus extend. Generally, natural marble stone products have a certain time to use and need to do maintenance to keep bright and new. During the using lifetime, how to deal with the situation if marble stone occur to crack?

At first, repair damage; Use the glue which color is closed to the damaged marble stone to fill the original damaged surface. You should use a special stone sewing machine to re-cut neatly the slits which is on the original surface when stone installation, so that the width of the slits is same to the original size, and then use glue close to the color of the marble stone to fill it. (Note: You doní»t need to re-cut if you have done the seam processing).

Second, do polishing on the slit edge. You should use the granite refurbished machine and a special clip grinding film to do carefully polishing on slit edge, so that it becomes a flat with the stone as a whole.

     Third, do polishing treatment; use the special granite polishing machine and resin pads rough and fine polishing with three grit 1000# 2000# 3000# , making the ground bright and smooth as new.

Forth, do crystallization. Use the marble crystal powder and crystallization agent with stone refurbished machine to do polishing treatment. Under the high pressure and high temperature condition, grinding stone and crystal powder will produce physical and chemical reaction, forming a compact and solid layer on the marble surface. After crystallization, not only the color and brightness of marble surface will be enhanced, but also the slip-resistance, water- resistance, oil-resistance and other effects will be achieved.