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Marble Mosaic

From: Date:3/10/2017

Stone mosaic as a top-grade building decoration material, is very common on the market. It is made by a series of processes like opening the natural stone, cutting and grinding into a variety of shapes which meet to criterion. Stone mosaic is an old and traditional mosaic. It is collaged by many small stones with natural texture and features, having and holding the simple and unsophisticated characteristic. On the basis of its different processing technology, there are honed and polished surface treatments. About its standard shape, there are square shape, rectangular shape, rounded shape, round shape and irregular plane, rough surface, etc. There is varied types you can often find out, such as marble mosaic, granite mosaic, onyx mosaic, travertine mosaic, art-waist line mosaic, etc.

Marble mosaic is made from natural stone through special process. It is non chemical dyes and non-pollution. As marble mosaic could retain unique the stone color, people can naturally forget the noise, showy and luxurious life and find back out the peace feeling again. So it is widely used to hotel, bar, station, swimming pool, places of entertainment, inner wall and floor and artic pattern. The cost price of marble mosaic is relatively cheap, and radioactivity is really small (even smaller than glass, ceramic tile, etc.), more safe to use. Its material characteristics make it easy to processing. Different colors have different hardness. White marble and beige marble is easier to cut than blue marble and green marble which show high hardness because of the existence of metallic element. While pure white marble and honey onyx marble and big flower green marble are not fine in material dense, very easy to damage in cutting process, and loss is bigger.

Because the technical content of mosaic is relatively lower than the large floor tile and wall tile, so you should pay attention to more questions about pictures and packing details when choose and buy marble mosaic. How to choose marble mosaic? There are some rules you can follow.

1.Same size

When choose and buy should pay attention to the size of small stone whether is same or not, each edge of small stone is tidy or not, you can put a single chip mosaic on the ground to test level, and observe its back to make sure there is not thick emulsion layer.

2. Rigorous craft

First touch the glaze, you can feel the antiskid degree; Then see the thickness, thickness decide density, high density has low water absorption; At last is to watch the quality, the mosaic with the inner middle glaze is good quality.

3. Water absorption

Low water absorption is to ensure that the mosaic is durable, so also check its water absorption by dropping water on the back of mosaic, if water permeate into the inner the quality is not good.