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The distinguish between good and bad marble stone for countertops

From: Date:3/2/2017

Marble countertop is popular for its natural texture among the high-end market, but still now, many consumers hesitate to buy because they do not learn about the identification methods of marble stone for countertop and how to solve radiation problems of marble stone. After reading this article, you may get the solution to find a fine picked marble kitchen countertop.

The radioactive problem of marble countertop is strictly controlled. For a long time, people mistakenly believe that the marble countertops will have the radioactive problem and will inevitably have some concerns when purchase. In fact, the natural marble countertops radioactivity is very low, that can not cause harm to the human body.

There are several rules to distinguish between good and bad marble stone for countertop:

First: observation. You should observe themarble stone surface structure. In general, the top-grade stone is the uniform fine material structure of the stone with a delicate texture; On the contrary, the appearance of coarse and unequal stone grain structure is poor. In addition, some fine cracks of the stone came into being due to the impact of geological effects. These stones most likely to rupture along the cracks should be excluded. Besides, pay attention especially to the lack of edges and corners when choosing.

Second: measurement. You should measure the size of marble stone, which will affect the splicing of countertop, and cause the deformation of the line and pattern, affecting the decorative effect.

Third: listening. You should listen to the sound of stone hit. Good quality of the stone its percussion sound crisp and sweet; On the contrary, if there is a slight cracks within the stone or due to weathering lead to loose contact between the particles, the percussion of the stone is rough and dumb.

Last to test. Test the quality of marble stone with a simple test method, and you can judge the stone is good or bad. Usually drop a small amount of ink in the back of the stone, if the ink quickly spreads, that is said that stone quality is not good. Because the marble stone has the loose grains or the loose cracks. The other hand, if the ink drops in place, the the stone quality is good.

As for the finishing marble countertop, you can also use the following simple rules:

1: nose smell, no pungent chemical smell.

2: hand touch, the surface of the sample should have a sense of silk, no astringent sense, no obvious sense of uneven.

3: with the nail scratch the surface, no obvious scratches.

4: the same two pieces percuss each other, no broking.