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Difference Between Travertine & Marble Date:12/28/2016

Difference Between Travertine & Marble

For thousands of years, people have extracted different types of stone from the earth's crust and used these natural resources as building materials. Two of the most popular types of stone are travertine and marble.

Limestone is any type of stone made primarily of calcium carbonate. Chalk, marble and travertine are all types of limestone.

Travertine is formed in freshwater areas, often springs. This sedimentary rock is made up of fine layers but has a less dense structure than marble.

Marble is limestone that has undergone metamorphism: exposure to great pressure and heat far below the earth's surface, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Marble is usually found in ocean environments.

Because it is more finely crystallized than travertine, marble can often be polished to a higher gloss than what is possible with travertine. Some people prefer a matte finish on marble, however.

Although travertine tends to be white or ivory, marble may be inflected with a wider variety of colors, such as yellow, green or black.