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How to Refinish Marble Countertops Date:12/21/2016

How to Refinish Marble Countertops

Many homeowners include marble in their home, condominium or apartment's decor. Marble is a naturally forming stone found in nature. Countertops in the kitchen or dining area, made from one or more marble slabs or tile, tend to fade over time due to normal and excessive use. Fortunately, there is no need to replace that expensive marble countertop when you notice fading or scratching. By using simple products and devoting a small amount of time, you can restore the marble countertop, providing you with marble that looks brand new.

Clean the surface of the marble countertop with a marble stone cleaner. Wipe the cleaner from the countertop with a dampened, clean cloth.

Create a frame around areas on the marble countertop that are faded or scratched with masking tape. Make sure the masking tape frame is at least 1 1/2 inches away from the faded or scratched area on all sides to account for the sanding overlay produced by the hand-held sander.

Secure a medium- or 220-grit sanding disc to the hand-held circular sander according to the instructions given with the sanding discs. Turn on the circular sander. Begin sanding the marble countertop within the tape-framed sections. Lift the circular hand-held sander off the marble surface and wipe the sanding disc off with a damp cloth every 20 seconds.

Sand the marble countertop until all scratches begin to disappear. Remove the existing sanding disc from the circular sander, and attach a 400-grit disc. Repeat the sanding process, wiping the disc with a damp cloth every 20 seconds, and then switching to a 600-grit sanding disc, and then at last an 800-grit sanding disc until the surface of the marble begins to shine with a polished luster. Sand the marble with the varying sanding disc for up to five minutes at a time or longer depending upon the severity of the dull and scratched marble.

Remove the masking tape from the marble countertop. Use a clean, damp cloth to remove any sanding dust produced from the circular sander.

Squeeze marble polish onto a clean chamois, and buff the surface of the marble countertop until the entire surface is covered. Refer to the marble polish's directions as stated on the label for the recommended amount of time to allow the polish to dry on the countertop.

Buff the polish off the marble countertop with the chamois, using circular motions, until the marble shines to a high luster.

Apply marble sealer onto the countertop according to the directions stated on the product label.