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Christmas Eve

From: Date:5/19/2016

Christmas Eve is coming, all of Newstar Member are very exciting. 

All of us took part in the video shooting to show our wishes. We spoke in different languages, like Italian, Spanish, Russian, and so on, to say ¡°Merry Christmas¡± and ¡°happy new year¡±. Newstar always in a happy environment.

In the night of Christmas Eve ,Newstar participated the party held by local Foreign Trade Internet chamber of commerce. Look, Newstar Members in the Christmas Eve.

There was dance, songs, drama performance, etc. We enjoyed the delicious dinner and the wonderful performances. The most excited was Newstar also have the show. Solo, Annie and Cathy singing. The songs, include Minnan Yu (the localism of Quanzhou), Yue yu (the localism of Guangdong), Chinese and Korean.

The biggest surprise was the Lucky Draw, everyone has one entrance ticket with lucky number, the boss put the hand to the box to get the number. Who got the lucky number would have the big present. It was lucky and excited that solo got the electric cooker.

It was a wonderful and lucky night. All of these things that Newstar wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.