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Heat Basalt Stones

From: Date:11/27/2015

Basalt stones are used for hot massage treatments. Basalt stones come from volcanic eruptions and are used because of their heat retention quality. The stones are placed on the body and left in that area while the body absorbs the heat from the natural stone. Basalt stones are also used for body massaging with oils. The smooth surface of the stones, combined with oils, allows the stones to glide over the skin. The heat from the stones and the massage is an excellent way to relax tight muscles. 
Instructions as follows:
Firstly, cover the bottom of a roaster oven with a white towel. A white towel will help you see the black cubic stones when it is time to pull them out of the oven.
Secondly, lay the basalt stones on the towel. The largest stones go on the bottom.
Thirdly, fill the roaster oven with water to completely cover the stones.
Fourthly, plug in the roaster oven, and turn it on.
Fifthly, heat the water to a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes.
Sixthly, remove a stone from the water with a scoop.
Seventhly, check the temperature of the stone by placing it against your wrist. The basalt slab should be very warm but not too hot to hold comfortably.